About the role

​​​​​​​Is there part-time work available?
​​​​​​​We only offer full time opportunities at this time.

Is there an overnight shift available?
We have varying shifts / working hours, but they do not include overnight shifts at this time.
Are there chat positions open?
Chat positions are not available at this time, but if the opportunity becomes available, you can apply through our career site.
Can I pick my own schedule?
Schedules will be assigned to you based on business needs.
How many calls will I take in a day?
The number of calls you will take in a day varies from day to day. While we want to be mindful of average handling time, there is no set number of calls that you are required to take in a day. At times, calls will be continuous on a back-to-back basis.
Are the calls inbound or outbound?
You will only receive inbound calls. Outbound calls on a as needed basis; however, the majority of calls are inbound calls.
What does a day on the job look like?
A day on the job looks like being at your desk answering customer phone calls and providing necessary assistance, and periodically having meetings and/or trainings.

This is a high volume position. You can expect to be on the phone the entireity of your shift.

Is overtime offered?
Overtime is voluntarily and offered based on business needs. During Open Enrollment, we can mandate up to 10 hours of mandatory overtime based on the business needs. During the slow times, we also reduce hours based on needs up to 10 hours.
What if I have booked a vacation during training?
Attendance is critical during training. You must graduate training to move into production. We cannot approve time off during training.
How hard is it to change my schedule?
Schedules will change over time due to ever-changing customer demands. We do expect some level of flexibility from our employees. Conversely, if your availability changes, please discuss this with your immediate supervisor to see if there are any alternate options available.
Do we work on holidays?
There are some holidays we are closed but some we do work. Holidays that we are closed are Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Labor Day and Memorial Day. 

About the customer

What can you tell me about the client/clients?
You will support our clients benefit enrollment periods.  You will answer their clients questions on healthcare benefits, retirement benefits and any additonal employee perks.

Career Opportunities

Is there room for advancement?
Yes, Conduent actively encourages employees to learn and grow within the organization.
How can I move up?
There are structured growth paths available for most of our Advisor positions. This will obviously depend on the individual’s performance whether they qualify to grow. Initially the growth will be into more technical advanced roles. From there, even more options are available such as supervisor, trainer and/or quality roles. Alternatively, we do allow internal mobility after 6 months.​​​
How long do I need to wait before I can apply to a new position?
You may apply for a new position after being in your current role for at least 6 months and have a satisfactory performance evaluation.
Are there opportunities for advancement in other fields with other clients, including management?
Yes, there are opportunities for advancement. In fact, a lot of people who started where you are starting have been promoted to positions like recruiting, quality assurance and training.  Management roles are available with good performance, knowledge of the position you will be managing, and time spent in your current and previous roles.